The Orange Opal


The first person I’ve ever loved. The person I’ll always love.

#i can see you twenty years from now #you got married on a french riviera #it was small and casual and warm #all your family and friends were there #lydia planned the whole thing #stiles drank too many cocktails #derek even smiled #melissa cried #so did chris even though he was ashamed to admit #stars found home in her eyes when he smiled at her #and her lips became butterflies wings when he lowered his on them #you were dancing in the sand on the song of your youth even though it was completely inappropriate #but she insisted because it was a memory #you have children with big brown eyes and a hair that cannot be tamed #they’re wolves with crossbows in their paws #every day before she leaves for work he slips a note into her purse #she opens it during lunch and smiles at his handwriting #because i love you is what it says #i can see you twenty thirty forty years from now #you’re happy and you lived a life full of danger and thrill and happiness and despair and tears and smiles #i can see you because you don’t die at 17 with a hole in your body #you don’t leave this world with tears in your eyes #you don’t leave your blood on his hands #when you leave you leave with a smile and he soon follows #you die at your first loves arms but not years from now #i can see you years from now because you’re alive and you’re happy and you fall asleep in your first loves arms

(Source: stydiascallison)